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Images: WWD

Christopher Bailey did it and did it right yet again. It’s really hard to pick a select few from this season’s Burberry Prorsum RTW Fall 2012 collection. But here’s a few I WANT in my life.

How could I not? There’s tweeds, pencil skirts (with ruffles on the front), belts with bows, peplums, oversized knits, studded gloves, big bags and of course the signature jackets and coats. Ah! The coats. The dark purple quilted coat was the perfect closer for this show, which delivered styles for everyone.

Nothing can beat a show at the Kensington Garden location except when Burberry literally made it rain for the finale, as the models sashayed once again with the season’s umbrellas.

Classic Burberry and there you go, my WOW! moment delivered. London Fashion Week, I love you.

~ Archana

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