Masters of Fashion

Three fashion grad students living out their last semester in style

Typical DST Monday!!! Couldn’t get my Zzzzzs on last night so overslept with very little time to dress up this morning. I figured that was a good thing since I like to let my skin breathe. I went sans make up today, just some kohl and gloss. 

In a hurry to make it to class on time, I grabbed a printed 109°F dress and put on my light blue denim blazer (I still don’t remember how it made its way into my closet? Most likely a gift). I added tights from Hot Topic that I found at the back of the closet and slipped into the brown boots from Target, which have been my go-to footwear choice this past week.

Accessories: bronze Tibetan earrings, Versace sunglasses and Swatch.

This is going to be a looooong week and it’s only Monday! O well… see ya soon.

~ Archana

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