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Three fashion grad students living out their last semester in style

So, this morning I realized I was out of conditioner, and I thought I would use some of my olive/castor oil that I usually use for my face.  This was a good idea in theory.  However, I ended up using too much, and now I’m going to have to wash my hair again!!  So, sorry if I look a little greasy, it’s just not been a good hair week.

Today, I decided to debut my A.J. Morgan mint sunglasses I bought recently from South Moon Under, and they went great with my mint nails and mint iPhone cover!  As for the rest of the outfit, I wore a white cotton top from Zara tucked into a purple/teal/blue abstract printed skirt from Tracy Reese with black lace tights from Hue, and my brown Ariats.  I brought out a necklace my mother picked up from TJ Maxx like 10 years ago.

The weather is so great, but I’m not fully ready to transition to all my spring clothes, I find myself trying to incorporate some of my winter things into a spring look.  Hopefully, it doesn’t get too warm, too fast!


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