Masters of Fashion

Three fashion grad students living out their last semester in style

Alright, so we’ve been slacking, and I don’t know what excuses Archana and Mikahila have, but I’m going to blame mine on the fact I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago.  Now, I still have been dressing myself, however something about an Ace bandage around my ankle just makes any outfit look slightly pathetic.

However, I’ve now graduated to a slimmer ankle brace and while it looks like a sock, it’s still better than the bulky thing I was wearing before.  Last night, I ventured out to Wilmington’s World Cafe Live to see Bronze Radio Return, an amazing band I first saw in Philly last December when they were opening for the Wheeler Brothers.  If you think Mumford & Sons are missing harmonica, banjo, and organ, you will LOVE Bronze Radio Return.  Seriously, they’re on tour right now, so if you can catch their live show I would HIGHLY recommend it.  This venue was a little quieter than I’m used to, but Bronze Radio still put on an amazing show.

Last night I wore a floral printed Calvin Klein blouse I recently purchased off of Hautelook, Uniqlo jeggings, a black horn necklace, and my orange loafers from ASOS.   Oh, and I’m not wearing a sock on just one foot, that’s my ankle brace :/

So, that’s all for now, but I promise more posts soon (even though it just might be me).